Miyazaki Mango

Miyazaki Mango is the rear verity of mango fruit it is very expensive and only avilable in some countries it was orginated from Japan. This varity of mango is cultivated in a region of japan whose name is miyazaki. If are you looking to know information about the miyzaki mango then look no further because this article gives you full information about this Mango. Miyazaki is priciest mango in the world because it is only cultivated in Japan it is a genetically modified fruit.

The alternative name of miyazaki mango is 'Egg of Sun' or in Japanese it is known as Taiyo no Tomago in Japanese the weight of this mango is range from 300 g to 350 g. 

Miyazaki Mango Plant:

If you want to know more about miyazaki mango Plant then read it carefully. Miyazaki Mango have a short tree which height is small as compare to regular mango tree. plant of miyzaki is available for sale online you can buy its plant from online Japanese stores to your country. The average height of miyzaki plant is 5 to 6 foot. One plant of miyazaki produces 1 kg of mangoes there no any specific care is required to this plant but one thing is important keep the fruit from damage and do not pluck the fruit until it is ripen naturally.


Miyazaki Mango cost is from 2.6 lakh to 3 lakh per kg in the international market because of its unique taste and lower availability. The increase rate of this mango is also due to many peoples are give this mango as a gift to love ones and family on any festival. As we discussed above that this mango is only available in japan but all other countries are trying to grow this mango due to its demand and high profit rate. Mostly Indian farmers are trying to grow this type of mango. Currently Miyazki is available only in Japan.

Miyazaki Mango Price in India:

According to (wellhealthorganic) market seryas in India the Miyazaki mango are priced at  2.86 lakh to 3 lakh per kg of mango price in India. But these rates may get decreased in India because India is working on to grow this verity of mango in India. Once it get success in the plantation of (egg of sun mango) then automatically its rate get decreased. Now a days Indian researchers are working to make increase its production and implementing advance technology farming. If you want to plant your own miyazaki mango then you can get its plant from local market of India or you can also buy it on online stores like Amazon.


The taste of miyazaki is unique in the world it has sweet, tasteful, and delicious taste. Texture and colour of miyazaki mango is also unique. Due to its different taste and unique appearance it is liked every where. if you want to give it try then you can order it on any online store. 

Weight: The average weight of this mango is 300 to 350 grams and have a round and oval shape, smooth and tout.
Colour: Its colour is a mixture of dark, orange and ruby red which gives it uniqueness.
Nutrients Profile: It has many useful nutrients but the most important are antioxidants, folic acid, Beta carotene means Vitamin, Vitamin A is very useful in night vision and blur vision this disease is known as night blindness. It contains calories, fat, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, Vitamin C and folate.

Health Benefits of Miyzaki Mango:

There are many health benefits of mango but the most important are given below in list.
  • It protect skin against various diseases 
  • Protect against diabetes type 2 degenerative diseases.
  • Help full in vision and support eyes because it contains beta carotene.
  • Good for heart Heath.
  • Boost skin health and immunity
  • Ease Constipation
  • Improve digestive system
  • it is used to gain weight
  • Skin enhancer
These are some important health benefits of Mango. 


Mango is tropical fruit it is widely uses in all over the world. The important uses of mango are listed below.
  • Home Remedies allergy treatment
  • Face mask to enhance face look
  • Pickling Industries
  • Cure mango diseases
  • Home Pickling Remedies
  • Jam recipe
  • Milk Shake
  • Mango Juice
  • Mango Candies
  • unriped mango in recipes.
Due to its uses and health benefits it has good demand in international market.


Miyazaki Mango is a good verity of mango give it a try. it has become a symbol of luxury and most delecious mango in the world. It is only available exclusively in Japan. it is also known as egg of sun and also have high value in market.

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